11 Tips To Relive Middle Back Pain Without Medication

  • Make sure the pain is not due to a major injury, such as a fall or a car accident. Visit your doctor as a previous step, to rule out serious injuries such as herniated discs. This type of injuries will almost always require rehabilitation with the help of a professional.
  • Start the recovery of your back – once sure that it is not a serious injury – with a few simple basic exercises. The best and most beneficial exercise for any middle back pain is getting out of bed or the couch and woman walking start walking. It is clinically proven that inactivity worsens middle back pain! We will begin our recovery program with (ideally) 30 minutes of daily walking.

  • Learn some basic stretches or try some yoga classes. They will help you to align the joints of your body. Incorporating a small stretching routine / yoga exercises is our third piece of advice.
  • Do you know Tai chi? Learn how to protect your spine by keeping it at all times in a neutral position, when you push, stretch, and lift weights. Today in many gyms offer Tai chi classes, inform yourself! Relax girl
  • Relax! Numerous medical studies show that much of middle back pain is caused by stiffness of the lower back due to stress. Reading a book, taking a relaxing bath or practicing meditation are some of the simple habits that will help us achieve a low level of stress.

  • Develop a daily routine of resistance exercises to strengthen the back and abs, an example are exercises with the help of fitball . Before starting, and if you have no previous experience, seek professional help.
  • Improve and work your position. It really helps to have a straight back at all times. It is not about using forced postures, but learning to maintain a good posture at all times, how long you are standing, or even while you sleep.
  • Adopt a dog! Your pet will bring two essential benefits to your back; First, it is clinically proven that having a companion animal lowers blood pressure and relieves tension. Second, having a dog means being forced to go for a walk, so take the leash and enjoy a good walk!
  • Nothing like a fish! Swimming is one of the best therapies for the back. Not only does it help relax stiff and aching muscles, but it also brings a good dose of cardio to your heart. Find your nearest municipal pool or gym, and go at least once a week.
  • If you sit for many hours in your workplace, take small breaks to stretch. Raise your hands above your head and stand on tiptoe, then return to the starting position. This will help the movement of fluids in your column.
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