Back Pain During Pregnancy

The origin of the backaches suffered by many pregnant women are the physical changes that your body experiences as a result of pregnancy. As the belly grows in size, the center of gravity of the body moves forward and downward, which overloads the spine. The vertebrae also change position and, due to the action of the hormones, the ligaments and joints weaken. This causes a sharp pain in the lower back that is called low back pain.

To prevent and relieve back pain, follow these tips:

Sleep on your side, on a firm mattress and place a pillow between your knees or under your abdomen to relieve your back. Sleeping on your back causes the back to be in an arched position, so avoid it.

Do not spend a lot of time standing: the belly weight tends to cause you to lean forward, which worsens back pain. If you have no chance to sit down, lean against the wall to relieve the lower back.

Sit with your back straight and fully supported on the backrest. Avoid too soft seats and try not to cross your legs. Better place them on a pouffe, chair or cushion to unload the back and to rest them.

Avoid lifting or carrying weight: if you have no choice, when you take weight, bend yourself by bending your knees instead of your back and lean on something firm in case you lose your balance. If you load with weight, share it between both hands.

Watch with the stairs: the stairs are dangerous if you are in the last months of pregnancy, especially when going down the swing they cause in the belly. If you can not avoid them, go up and down slowly and grab the handrail.

Do moderate exercise: a leisurely stroll for half an hour a day, a yoga class, swimming or other activity that is suitable for pregnant women will help you relax your back and correct bad postures.

Consult a specialist: if the pains become strong and persistent, go to your doctor or a professional who specializes in back problems. There are remedies that can relieve you such as stretching, massages or girdles.

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