Middle Back Pains And Leg Pains, Can I Relieve Both?

Whenever pain is an issue concerning back and legs, there are two types to consider. There is acute pain which simply means that you have the pain for less than two months and there is chronic pain that lasts two months or more. Causes of acute pain are generally reversible, whereas, chronic pain has an underlying condition that needs further evaluations and testing.

If you experience chronic pain, you should involve your physician because you need further diagnostic testing to reveal the true source of the pain. There are several conditions such as degenerative disc disorder and lumbar stenosis that cause chronic pain. We will get into the particulars later in this article. These conditions are usually found in the middle-aged and elderly. However, it can affect all ages depending on genetics or career choices. This disorder is very disruptive in the lives of those who develop it. It prevents them from working and fending for themselves in everyday activities.

Lumbar spine stenosis

Lumbar spine stenosis is simply a bundle of nerves at the end of your spinal cord, called the cauda equine roots. These roots swim in a pool of cerebral spinal fluid. It becomes trapped in the dural sac. The Dura is a leathery protective covering of our spinal cord and brain. As a result of progressing hypertrophy of the vertebral discs, it causes pinching and pressure that cause severe lower back pain.

These degenerative changes in our vertebrae also cause the natural breakdown of the disc inbetween the bony vertebrae by either bulging out of the space or rupturing all together. These disc problems also cause pressure on all of the nerves that service the lower extremities of our bodies. Lumbar Stenosis usually is found in men of middle age, simply because they are the most likely candidates for hard laborious jobs, however it is seen in all ages and sexes. Leg and middle back pain are the initial signs that a physician will treat non-evasively. If the pain and symptoms persist then you would require further diagnostic testing and perhaps a referral to a neurosurgeon for evaluation and treatment.


The other problem that can happen from the aforementioned conditions is Sciatica. The main cause of Sciatica is bulging and ruptured discs that place pressure on the sciatic nerve. This nerve is quite large and runs down the back through the buttocks and down the length of the leg. The pain shoots up the leg, which confuses the patient in thinking that it is not caused by a back problem. Be sure to see your doctor to get a correct diagnosis.

Treating these conditions with conventional treatments and therapy prove to be disappointing. You should insist on seeing a neurosurgeon for further evaluation and recommendations of treatment options.

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