Do Yoga To Eradicate Middle Back Pain

Yoga relieves not only the body, but also the mind.

A yoga session allows you to relax your body and your mind. In this sense, with a special yoga class for middle back pain, you will fight more effectively against physical pain and be more prepared to also reduce anxiety and stress.

Even if you make an effort on a daily basis to adopt a good posture at the computer, or if you have invested in an ergonomic chair, you are not immunized against middle back pain. Stress and daily stress appear as one of the factors that can cause crises.

With a regular practice of yoga, you can effectively prevent middle back pain. The benefits of yoga are numerous, both on the physical and on the spiritual plane:

Reinforce the dorsal musculature,

To do stretches,

Become aware of one’s body and learn to listen to it,

Improve elasticity,

Chill out,

Evacuate the tensions

The list may be longer, obviously. More than a physical activity, yoga is an authentic philosophy of life that tends to favor the harmony between body and mind.

Yoga postures that relieve the back

Obviously, if you suffer from lumbalgia or cervical pain, you will choose yoga postures that specifically act on pain to relieve it.

Avoid certain yoga classes like dynamic yoga. Opt for Hatha yoga classes, which associate postures with concentration, breathing and relaxation.

By gently working the spine and stretching it, we effectively relieve dorsal pain.

Among the postures (asanas) that are going to have a beneficial action on pain, we find:

The child’s posture , to relax and stretch the back,

The posture of the cat , to relax the spine and strengthen the deep abdominal muscles,

The position of the camel , to unload the back and relax the shoulders,

The cow head posture , to relieve the back and sciatic pain,

The position of the turn , to flex and straighten the spine, equally used in the case of scoliosis,

The half-bridge posture , to reinforce the lumbar and stretch the abdominals,

The position of the turtle , to stretch the middle part of the back (reserved for experienced yogis),

The position of the rolling stone , to stretch and relax the spine.

For effective relief of middle back pain, it is important to take the time to perform the movements gently and pay attention to adopt a good posture. Poorly executed asanas can cause injuries.

Think about finding an adapted yoga course, therapeutic yoga should be done with a competent yoga teacher. It will be able to provide you with basic knowledge and teach you the postures most adapted to your needs.

Once you control the movements, you can practice yoga at home easily, on your yoga mat. Not only will dorsal pain disappear, you will also eliminate everyday stress.

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