Few Guides To Avoid Middle Back Pain

Avoid awkward lifting habits. Never bend from the waist with knees stiffened, when lifting heavy objects. Crouch down to get hold of the object, with your hips lower than your head. This applies to both lifting, and putting down a heavy item. If you have a very something heavy to lift find someone to help bear the load.

Pack bags correctly at the supermarket. When we shopped we got into the bad habit of piling all tinned goods into one bag, all dairy in another and potatoes and vegetables in another bag. Lighter things we packed separately. The lighter bags were featherweight. We then moved to a place with twenty stairs up to the entrance. We were on our knees time we got to the top. Only then did it occur to us to distribute the groceries more evenly and to use extra bags. Try to pack your shopping bags evenly, and take care when unloading the boot of the car. Your back will thank you!

DIY is renowned for causing middle back pain. Jobs such as painting a ceiling or putting up curtain-rails can be a serious strain on your back and shoulders. Never stand on a ladder and stretch and strain to do a job that is just out of reach. Not only do you risk falling off, but back pain is almost guaranteed. Position all tools for easy reach. Do not try lifting impossible weights, such as bags of cement. Use sack-trucks to lessen the load.

Middle Back pain in the workplace may be hard to avoid. As an employee a worker does not always have a say in the tasks they are given, or the tools available to do the job. As stated previously manual workers should never try to lift impossible weights. If lifting equipment is available –always make use of it. If you spend your working day in front of a computer do not hunch over your desk.

Try to sit upright with your lower back supported by your chair, and have your screen directly in front of you, so as not to sit in a twisted position. Use an upright document-holder, which means you do not have to lean over to read paperwork on a flat surface. It’s a good idea, approximately every hour, to stretch your arms above your head and loosen the tension in your back and shoulders.

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