How To Prevent And Relieve Middle Back Pain

Middle back pain can be due to many causes and it can influence many factors: age, lifestyle, weight, genetics, bad postures

Lumbar pain is one of the most common complaints of the majority of the population. In many cases it is possible to reduce or relieve middle back paim by following some simple recommendations:

Physical exercise. One of the best ways to prevent middle back pain is the usual practice of physical exercise. Some exercises strengthen the muscles of the back and help reduce tension. The swimming is one of the most recommended sports to relieve middle back pain. Remember that exercising on a regular basis is beneficial for overall health.

High heels. The prolonged and habitual use of high-heeled shoes causes the body to have to adapt to a position for which it is not “designed”. Use comfortable shoes with a low heel, but not completely flat. And if you’re not going to stop using heels, at least try not to wear them all day and not always of the same height.

Sleep. Renew your mattress for one that is firm and uses a pillow of medium height. As for the posture at bedtime: better on the side with the legs in a fetal position and with a cushion between the legs.

Overweight. Excess weight is a factor that increases the risk of middle back pain. It is also related to sedentary lifestyle and lack of muscular strength. If this is your case, the ideal is to reduce the weight in the right way: adapting the diet and doing physical exercise.

Bad posture. Having a bad posture at work is another of the most common causes of middle back pain. If you spend many hours sitting in front of the computer make sure you have the chair and the screen placed at a correct height. Keep your back firmly and supported on the back of the chair.

Weight. Avoid overexertion and inadequate weight loads. Bags and backpacks must not exceed the weight. When lifting objects keep in mind that you have to bend the knees and not the waist and lift the object as close as possible to the body.

Massages are one of the main ways to relieve middle back pain. In these cases, it is preferable to go to a professional to avoid injuries.

Stretching. We can fight middle back pain with specific stretches. In this video you have some stretches to relieve pain:

Hot. A very common remedy for soothing middle back pain is to apply heat to the affected area using an electric blanket or a hot water bottle.

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