How To Treat Middle Back Pain At Home

Once you have visited your doctor and have been assured that your middle back pain is not being caused by a slip disc or another serious condition there are steps you can take to relieve strained muscles or lower back and shoulder pain.

Try to stay calm. Most lower-back pain normally goes away within a few days or a week, even if you do nothing. Try to relax and calm down as much as you can. It will help ease the distress of the pain, and it may speed your healing. A self hypnosis program might benefit you if you are feeling ‘strung out’.

Take the day off. If your back hurts, you won’t feel up to doing much of anything. So don’t try. Go to bed and give yourself some much needed respite.

Rest for a day or two, but no more than this. Too much bed rest, however, can do more harm than good, say back care experts. If you stay in bed for longer than two days, your circulation will slow down, muscles and joints will stiffen, and you’ll actually increase your chances of another back injury.

Use some sort of heating aid on the painful area. To soothe the ache, apply a hot-water bottle or heating pad to the site of the pain. You could also try a Tens machine. Another alternative treatment is to put an ice pack on the site of the middle back pain for five to ten minutes at a time—say, every hour—for a day or so.

Pain relievers, which you can buy at the pharmacy, containing aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol or ketoprofen can ease back pain. But do not dose yourself up if you intend to drive. There are also several different brands of analgesic creams available, and these can be very effective at dulling the pain.

Try gentle stretches to ease your muscles  and make your body more flexible. And if you feel able, take a luxurious bath in warm water sprinkled with bath oils.

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