Mattresses Recommended For The Back

Long ago, very hard mattresses were in fashion to relieve back pain. But the truth is that they were not the best. These mattresses that do not yield to the pressure of the body end up causing great pressure on the bones that can lead to inflammation, especially in the hip and shoulders if you sleep on your side and in the lower back if you sleep on your back.

Special mattresses for column problems

Here you can play with the toppers, they are mattress overlays also known as mats.

They are placed on the bed and offer an extra layer of viscoelastic

They are used to give extra comfort to the viscoelastic mattress or to convert a conventional mattress into one with a viscoelastic layer. In this second case you have to opt for thicker toppers. Many people ask us which is the best mattress for the back since it is one of the most frequent problems of our clients.

Types of recommended Mattresses

The heart of the mattress can be made of different materials, three stand out:

Foam. It’s the cheapest. The foam begins to be quite hard and firm so it is ideal for those who rest better in a mattress of high firmness. The problem is that with the passage of time you can end up crushing. And the mattress will no longer offer a good rest.

Latex. We had said that latex is too hard. But, if used as the center of a mattress with viscoelastic on it is perfect for those who seek great firmness. Latex raises the price of the mattress a lot.

Springs. The springs offer firmness, but adapt more to the movements. They are perfect for those who want a comfortable and cozy bed that is not too hard. In docks you can find many prices depending on the quality of them. It is the most usual option.


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