You suffer from middle back, middle back pain is low middle back pain, it is the most common middle back pain. What to do to naturally and effectively ward off this pain? Almost all people are affected at least once in their life. The lumbar region consists of muscles, ligaments, vertebrae (the small bones of the spine), disks (cartilage serving as damper) and any dysfunction of any of these elements causes pain

Middle back pain can occur as a result of an innocuous gesture, a bad sitting position, it can occur suddenly, be favored by osteoporosis, overweight, pregnancy, problems from the stomach. you suffer from the middle back, especially at the bottom of the spine, at the height of the sacrum



We recommend some easy relaxation exercises, stretches that can be done at any age, daily to relieve pain or muscle to prevent pain from returning. By regularly practicing these stretching of the middle back this permanently avoids the return of pain.

Middle back relaxation exercise:

To relax, you can lie on your middle back, in a quiet room by putting your legs on a chair that will allow you to relax your muscles and focus on the middle back.

In the same way, suspending your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, you will try to relax your middle back step by step by inhaling and exhaling deeply. Proceed gently, aim for these exercises and relax.

As you lie on the floor and bring your knees to your chest, grasp them and perform light rolling movements middle back and forth in a circular fashion.

If your pain is similar to sciatic pain, lie on your middle back and bring your right foot over your left knee and place it on the ground. Then pull lightly on your right knee to free up your right buttock. Your sciatic nerve will be released and you will feel very quickly the effects of this simple exercise. Do the same on the other side to release the other buttocks.

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