Symptoms And Causes Of Middle Back Pain

Pain in the upper portion of torso constitutes upper middle back pain. Spinal cord problems, neck pain, shoulder and arms pain are all interlinked. In extreme cases, the spinal cord starts to erode and a person tends to bend forward because standing straight is impossible! There are many reasons and symptoms of upper middle back pain, some of which are enlisted below:

Symptoms of Upper Back Pain:

– The upper torso feels numb. The numbing sensation happens because the brain does not receive the nerve impulses. The numbness stays for some time and becomes normal naturally; sometimes the relief is delayed too.

– When you wake up in the morning, you feel stiffness in legs, arms or back. Usually, one feels these are cramps and normalcy is restored after few movements. But if the symptoms occur frequently, never ignore it.

– Upper back pain also brings feverish symptoms.

– The stage between the shifts of back pain from mild to severe, one can feel excessive weakness without any reasons. The pain can be to the extent that one feels it is almost impossible to deal with day-to-day activities. This accompanies lethargy and desire to sleep most of the time.

– Upper back results in weight loss too. While you may feel good about losing weight, the reason is clearly unhealthy. Take care of diet and maintain healthy lifestyle, apart from regular medications.

Causes of Upper Middle Back Pain:

  • Wrong posture of sitting and standing
  • Lack of exercise or excessive exercise
  • Upper back injuries or slip disc
  • Joints injury and wrong body movement
  • Injury to soft tissues or muscle pulls
  • Spinal disc hernia or degenerative disc

Needless to say that treatment of middle back pain varies with causes and symptoms. Contact a chiropractor for correct diagnosis. Some common treatment methods are acupuncture, ice therapy, heat therapy, massage, exercise, anti-inflammatory drugs, and others.

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