Tips To Avoid Middle Back Pain

Always study your posture when standing or sitting. Try not to slouch with shoulders to avoid causing strain on the back. When I was suffering from a bout of neck and middle back pain my doctor advised me to stand with shoulders back, but slightly lowered and relaxed. In other words to stand tall without looking like a soldier on parade.

When sitting down, especially in an easy chair it’s almost impossible not to slouch, so ideally try tucking a small cushion in the small of your back. This should keep your head in line with your spine. When working at a desk do not hunch over your computer screen.

Study the way you move. Bending over, directly from the waist, to suddenly to pick something off the floor is a recipe for disaster. Anyone who has slipped a disc will know the pain this can cause. Have you ever sat in the front seat of the car, and wanted to reach an item directly behind you on the back seat?

You think you can just reach it without getting out and opening the side door. You stretch and strain, and then get excruciating cramp in your shoulders. The back and shoulder pain can last for days. Don’t take risks. Think before you lift or twist. Some of us are not as flexible as we think we are.

Correct footwear is important if you are prone to middle back pain. High heels can look glamorous but wearing high heels day in and day out, will cause shortening of the calf muscles, pressure over the front of the ankles, and cause flattening of the arch across the bridge of your foot – all of which can lead to chronic postural problems.

In turn your hip and buttock muscles will have to work overtime to keep you upright. Over time, these muscles may go into a spasm and trap the sciatic nerve – resulting in the ever painful ‘sciatica’. For sport and leisure activities always buy good quality training shoes. If shoes are uncomfortable it causes an awkward gait when walking resulting in aching legs and painful back.

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