What Yoga Postures Relieve Middle Back Pain?

Middle back pain is now one of the problems that affect the majority of the population. Who has not complained that his back hurts?

A survey by La Boutique du Dos – Opinion Way reveals that 76% of the active population suffers from middle back pain. Middle back pain is also the leading cause of disability at 45 years old.

Not only the middle back pain does not prevent doing yoga, but also some postures are a great relief.

What advice should you follow?

What positions to avoid, or, on the contrary, to put into practice?

The world of yoga is particularly rich: hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, iyengar yoga, kundalini yoga … and it can bring authentic dorsal benefits to those who practice it!

Discover everything you need to know to do yoga when you are sick or injured.

Incidence of middle back pain

Our lifestyle favors the appearance of middle back pain. Middle back pain can appear after making a bad movement or after an excess of exercise, but it can also be inevitable, due to our daily habits:

Lack of sleep, mattresses in poor condition,

Sedentary life, lack of physical activity,

Extended sitting position, in the office or on the couch,

Stress, an important factor in the appearance of middle back pain,

Poor nutrition, deficiencies that can favor middle back pain.

How to reduce the impact of our lifestyle on middle back pain?

At first, it is useful to observe the causes that cause the pain and modify what you can: walk more, eat better, exercise

On the contrary, when we spend 8 hours in the office, it is difficult to avoid. What turns out to be a good reason to start going to yoga classes.

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