Which Carpet To Choose To Relieve My Middle Back Pain?

There are different forms of acupressure mats that work differently depending on your needs. the advises you to opt for the carpet called Champ de Fleurs. With 221 stimulators, this mat allows you to exert an intense and simultaneous pressure on more than 5000 points of the middle back and in particular all along the spine: from the coccyx to the shoulder blades.


The acupressure cushion can be used in two ways:


  • Placed under the nape of the neck, it relieves neck pain.
  • Positioned at the lumbar level, it reduces nervous and muscular tension in case of lumbago, sciatica and other middle back pain.

Are acupressure mats effective for relieving middle back pain?

The spikes spread over the whole of an acupressure mattress allow to offer results from the first use. Even more the pressure effect is the production of endorphins that will allow to fully enjoy the benefits of the acupressure mat. Since this production of endorphins is natural and provoked with each use, the acupressure mat is effective in relieving middle back pain.


Middle back Bodybuilding Exercise:

As in the previous relaxation exercise lie on your back and put your feet on a chair. Peel off the buttocks and hold your body in alignment for a few minutes.

You can also lie on your middle back and take off at the same time your head and shoulders, however, be careful not to do this exercise when you still have the middle back.

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